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Test Standard Training

Everything You need to get your licence

Unleash Your Riding Potential with Dynamic Direct Access Scheme (DAS) Training

Are you ready to shift gears and embrace the exhilarating challenge of mastering advanced motorcycle riding skills? Welcome to our exclusive Direct Access Scheme (DAS) training, where passion meets precision and every twist of the throttle brings you closer to riding excellence.

At Cameron Motorcycles, we're not just about passing tests – we're about igniting a spark of adventure and honing the art of two-wheeled mastery. Our DAS training isn't just a course; it's a transformative journey designed to empower you with the confidence, agility, and expertise needed to conquer any road with finesse.

Why Choose Us for Your DAS Training?

  1. Trailblazing Instruction: Our handpicked team of instructors are not just teachers – they're mentors, guides, and fellow riders who are passionate about sharing their expertise. Benefit from personalized coaching and real-world insights as you embark on your DAS adventure.

  2. Tailored Curriculum: Our DAS training curriculum is as dynamic as the roads you'll ride. From mastering advanced riding techniques to navigating complex traffic scenarios, our comprehensive program is crafted to elevate your skills and prepare you for the unpredictable twists of the road ahead.

  3. Ducati Experience: Ride with the best, train with the best. At Cameron Motorcycles, we exclusively use Ducati motorcycles for our DAS training. Experience the thrill and precision of riding these iconic Italian machines as you hone your skills under the guidance of our expert instructors.

  4. Cutting-Edge Technology: Elevate your learning experience with the latest in training aids and technology. From advanced simulators to real-time feedback systems, we leverage cutting-edge tools to enhance your training and accelerate your progress towards riding mastery.

  5. Flexible Training Solutions: Life is busy, but that shouldn't stand in the way of your riding dreams. That's why we offer flexible training options designed to accommodate your schedule and preferences. Whether you crave an intensive weekend immersion or prefer to spread your training over multiple sessions, we've got you covered.

  6. Unmatched Value: Quality training shouldn't come at a premium. Our DAS program offers exceptional value for your investment, with transparent pricing and no hidden fees. Experience the thrill of mastering advanced riding skills without breaking the bank.


Embrace the Ride of a Lifetime

Ready to rewrite the rules of motorcycle mastery and embark on a journey of discovery? Enroll in our Direct Access Scheme (DAS) training and unlock the full potential of your riding abilities. Whether you aspire to carve through mountain passes or navigate bustling city streets with confidence, we'll equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to ride like a true road warrior.

Don't settle for ordinary – choose extraordinary with Cameron Motorcycles. Book your DAS training today and accelerate towards a future filled with thrilling adventures and endless possibilities on two wheels!


£50 per hour

Block of 10 hours £450

Module 1 test £115.50

Module 2 test £165

Module 1 Intensive course: £430 (6 hours + test)

Module 2 intensive course: £490 (6 hours + test)

How do you get a Motorcycle licence?

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