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Airform - Death or Glory - Black

Airform - Death or Glory - Black

Somewhere around 2008, things went sideways. Opulent painted fat tires and $30K hardtails gave way to hacked together CX500s, and BMW airheads became cool. It wasn't good. Thankfully, ICON maintained its course through these troubled waters and emerged, still flying our magnificent skull standard. The Airform Death or Glory™ is a throwback Thursday to those easy-refi chopper days. This time around the Death or Glory™ ships with a Silver RST ICON Optics™ shield, Dark Smoke Dropshield™, removable Hydradry™ liner, and enough skullage to forever cement us in the pantheon of protective ossuaries.

  • Fit - Intermediate Oval

    The most common helmet fit type, the Intermediate Oval head is slightly shorter front-to-back and a little wider side-to-side.

  • Venting - Good

    4 air intakes and 1 exhaust port are coupled with deep channeling in the interior energy absorbing EPS foam to keep your head cool.

  • Weight - Average

    A reduced shell profile helps reduce overall weight, while maintaining the exclusive World Standard of ICON to suit your riding style.

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