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Airflite - CSF2 - Blue

Airflite - CSF2 - Blue

You mess with cat you're gonna get the claws! Internally, the Airflite™ CSF23 comes with our Hydradry™ comfort liner, cutouts in the EPS for your communication device, fog-free shield, and Dark Smoke DropShield™. In addition, we've included both a clear Fliteshield™ and RST Purple Forceshield™ for night riding and daytime styling. No time to lick your wounds, it's time to get riding.

  • Fit - Long Oval

    The head is long front-to-back and is narrow side-to-side. This shape offers additional forehead room for those who find that most helmets have pressure points in the forehead.
  • Venting - Good

    4 intake vents, including a MX inspired chinbar vent, and 2 exhaust ports are coupled with deep channeling in the interior energy absorbing EPS foam resulting in superior helmet venting.
  • Weight - Average

    A reduced shell profile helps reduce overall weight, while maintaining the the exclusive World Standard of ICON to suit your riding style.
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